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TeamWare EIRA®

making sense of information...


Tools for Business Processes

TEAMWARE EIRA® empowers teams to work more productively and efficiently.

Keep tasks in one place, delegate, and track tasks to stay on schedule.

Moving discussion from emails and chats to discussed activity helps you to better track your decision.

Decision based on linked information is achieved in one system.

Management is easier thanks to the process templates.

Organize your Documents and Files

Eira gives rules to the document flow - who can access, add or approve the document.

Documents are categorized, linked with people, properties or places in maps.

Documents can be organized by metadata (with a reference number) and are easy to find.

People Allocation, Work Planning, Facility Management

Register internal or external resources, properties, equipment, technology or people and link them to documents and processes.

Allocating your resources based on business cases or other activities.

5 EIRA Modules

Activities - When

Activities planning is based on available resources. Automatic reminders watch all deadlines and duties. Support for planning of recurrent activities.

Documents - How

Documents are categorized. You can submit a document for approval, approve, manage in law efficiency, eliminate invalid, discard and full text search any version or release.

Contacts - Who

All contacts in one place allow effective managing including relations. Business and people could be joined by context with documents, activities or resources.

Resources - What

Resources provides answers who do which activity, the dates and property used. Register of resources (people, properties, technology, realties). 2D o 3D visualization of buildings or other objects. Facility management support.

Maps - Where

Placing properties and incidents in maps will result in better decision for managing resources. Integrated usage of custom and public map sources.



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